Only if our clients are satisfied, we will be as well

Please let us know what your complaint is about by contacting our local offices or using one of the forms below. We divide complaints into three categories:

  • Complaints about the services of DEKRA testing and certification business.
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  • Complaints about companies certified by DEKRA.
    A complaint will only be handled if the complaint was submitted to the company in question beforehand. In this way the company has the opportunity to solve any problems itself.
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  • Complaints about products certified by DEKRA.
    DEKRA investigates these complaints and will require measures from the manufacturer in case the complaint is considered founded.
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  • Complaints concerning DEKRA Certification/Objections
    Are you not satisfied with the work we perform as the certification authority or would you like to raise an objection? We strive to constantly improve our services, and would be very happy to solve any problems together with you. Please send us your complaint/objection in writing. Then we will perform an impartial review of your issue, process this and report back to you in writing.
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We will review your complaint. If it is possible to solve the complaint at short notice we will inform you directly on how we handled your complaint. If it will take longer to solve the complaint, we will confirm receipt of the complaint, will explain the way of handling and the term within which you will receive our reaction. In any case you will be informed about the result of the investigation including actions taken and the final decision.